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Ccarousel is run by a very good friend of my very good friend. In all honesty I totally have a friend crush on her.

Here are a couple of my favorites.

Skeleton in the Coffin Rosary

I also love the Skull Feather Necklace


Pink Cadillac

The places we come from.

I went to the Target at Atlantic Center yesterday.  Per usual it was a huge, ransacked mess, but it reminds me of home.  It is a little hint of Long Beach, California in the middle of Brooklyn. One time at a Target in Long Beach I was with my friend’s mom when their super sweet, pink Cadillac got stolen.

I was in third grade at the time and my friend’s family and I had just returned from a camping trip.  We were stopping in Target to pick up some essentials, I’m sure the list ran along the lines of eyeliner, tp and oversized 90’s tees.  We were running late to drop off my friend at ballet class so her mom sent us to get her tutu out of the Caddy so she could make a quick change in the Target restrooms.

My friend and I made our way up the aisle we thought the car was parked in.  We couldn’t find it, which at the time was hilarious. What did we know about Long Beach in the mid 1990s?  Sure we remembered the recent Rodney King riots; school had been closed, local shops looted and we weren’t allowed to play outside, but hey, we were at Target.  It never crossed our minds that the beloved pink boat could be gone.  We were laughing as we walked back in to tell her mom.   My friend’s mom thought we were just being stupid, like normal, so she paid for her things and took us outside.

My friend’s mom made us march that parking lot at least six times.  The whole time no one admitted, but everyone knew, that it was gone.  My green jellies were just starting to give me blisters when I thought I saw the mini-van that I thought we had parked in front of.   There was a pile of broken glass where I thought the car had been parked.  Who knows if it was a bottle or a window from the disappeared Caddy, it didn’t matter; it was just the sign we needed.

I still miss that Cadillac; the big velvet bench that was the backseat, the mirror finished chrome detailing and the glorious pink tone taken from us in less then 20 minutes from in front of Target.  Woe to ye ole Target, how woeful you have made me.