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Perhaps one day I’ll get married.

If I do, I will make it so beautiful that Once Wed will want to post pictures of it…one can dream. Here’s a small sampling of some of their recent posts. Their whole website is filled with beautiful things.

Once Wed has taught me that a great photographer and polaroids makes all the difference in the world.

I think a wedding bbq/potluck/casual party sounds nice.


check her out.

photo from nervous or not via kelsycarleen

Here’s some things I’m obsessed with right now:

1. Style Rookie Thirteen year old fashionista makes me feel not only old, but ridiculously uncool as well. I just hope one day if I ever have a kid they are as cool and bad ass as this one.

2. DIY Homegoods–I’m turning into an HGTV, decoupage, cross stitching mess. My very talented Pratt fashion design friend Kelsy is teaching me how to sew and while as to date I’ve only made the cutest curtains you’ve ever seen, I am on my way to designing ready to wear pieces (or so I hope).

3. art you can fart

4. what claudia wore because we should all take fashion advice from the bsc (and the writer is incredibly charming and i think if we ever met we may be friends).

5. chocolate

6. high waisted bikinis: this one courtesy of anthropologie. if anyone has seen one for someone on a more confined budget let me know!

7. vintage toolboxes.

8. as always my dear friends: Grown-Up Shoes and Bean Stews


They say practice makes perfect, so don’t judge me by day 1. Do to a lack of time today I just did some quick sketching. While I am not totally pleased with the outcome, the whole point of the 30 day creative challenge is to get in the habit of doing things so that I am more pleased with the outcome. Perhaps day 2 will go more smoothly. I am going to Vermont tomorrow, so there may be some delays in posting.




Here are some photos of my room where the majority of the creative challenge will probably take place. I tried to set it up so it would be inspiring. The panels on the wall are ceiling tiles that I am using like cork board. FYI they work really well in case you are looking to hang something like cork board, but can’t afford giant slabs. They also have a cool industrial feel.



inspiration….or lack there of. My goal is to start inspiring myself and utilize those around me who inspire me.


For the past few weeks I have been unemployed. A slightly fun, but slightly dismal existence has ensued. I had hoped (still hope) to use this time to find myself (corny I know, but as an introverted, over-thinker, I could use it). Indulge in all of the creativity I have always wanted to indulge in; use this time to draw, sculpt and write. I guess I just need a kick in the ass, so that is what I am doing. I am kicking my own ass and doing a thirty day creative challenge.

Everyday for the next 30 days I will do something. Whether it is drawing, writing, taking pictures, volunteering or simply contacting people I am interested in, I am going to do something that is more then just applying to jobs.

So here we go…..


I’ve officially begun learning how to sew! Check out the curtains I made for my room above, they kind of make the window. I know how to hand stitch, cross stitch and fix buttons, but I don’t know how to sit down at the machine and craft something from a yard of fabric. That’s where Kelsy Parkhouse comes in. She is one of the most lovely and talented girls on the planet, who just happens to be my friend, and who has agreed to squeeze in some sewing lessons in between her busy schedule of being a rockstar Pratt fashion design student. Here’s a look at some of the stuff she sells on etsy, check out her page here!