One of my most favorite people in the whole world, Miss Emma, used to also be my roommate. We had wondrous times filled with homemade soup, wine and late night runs to the food bazaar. Miss Emma has since moved to Austin, TX and I have moved from a hovel on the border of Williamsburg/Bushwick/Bed-Sty to Greenpoint, but scattered around my apartment are some mementos from our old place-one of which are the infamous onion goggles. Miss Emma’s mother sent her ‘homemade soup in a box.’ Basically recipes, a giant soup pot and ladle, and of course, the onion goggles. Emma wore them a few times, but I took quite a shine to them. I just have really sensitive eyes. I can’t make it through a Disney movie without crying and a fresh onion will have me going for at least 20 minutes. To me these goggles are priceless, without them I’d be in the kitchen wearing swim goggles and we all know the kind of rubber suction marks those leave.

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